Flexible steel bollards

impact resistant signposts

AUGUSTAFLEX® is a durable and cost-effective solution for safe, well-maintained roads with advanced aesthetics.

The strength of innovation

AUGUSTAFLEX® flexible bollards and road signposts are protected against damage caused by incorrect manoeuvres or road accidents. In the event of a collision, they flex and return automatically to their initial position. CE EN 12899-1

For municipalities and private companies

Public and private car parks
AUGUSTAFLEX® signposts ensure the right flexibility on car impact and a well-maintained long-term appearance. The sign posts are protected from incorrect manoeuvres and distracted drivers. 
Traffic islands and hazard markers
Ideal for places where road signs are at high risk and require constant maintenance. The flexibility of the post means traffic islands will no longer have damaged or not visible road signs.
City centres and public spaces
AUGUSTAFLEX® road signs and bollards are always in original optimal condition, and won’t become tilted or bended. This way, they improve road safety, aesthetics and the image of the city. 
Shopping centres, Airports
High-traffic areas require safe solutions that also preserve their urban and architectural design. AUGUSTAFLEX® signage is your ideal calling card.
Condominiums and protection
AUGUSTAFLEX® bollards are ideal for delimitation of parking areas and walkways, protecting critical areas, structures and buildings against damages caused by vehicle  impacts and accidents


No more damaged road signposts and bollards to be repaired.
AUGUSTAFLEX® is the solution

Conventional signpost

Signpost with AUGUSTAFLEX®



The costs of replacing a damaged post and concrete plinth can be up to 10 times more than the cost of the post itself

AUGUSTAFLEX® eliminate maintenance and repairs costs of signposts and bollards



Even after the first car impact, standard fixed signposts will have an unpleasant and unsafe appearance

Signpost and bollards AUGUSTAFLEX® preserve urban look and ensure a well-maintained appearance, even after numerous vehicle impacts



Bended and damaged road signs are dangerous. They might not be visible and may cause accidents

Road signs with AUGUSTAFLEX® improve road safety for all road users



After the slightest impact, standard road signs require replacement both post and its concrete base, leading to CO2 emissions

AUGUSTAFLEX® posts are not damaged when struck and so will remain intact over the years, reducing their impact on the environment


Flexible, resistant and solid, thanks to the most innovative certified and patented system for road signs and bollards.
Info point 1 - Flexibility


In the event of a collision the AUGUSTAFLEX® base flexes up to 90° in any direction, returning immediately to its initial position after the car impact.
Info point 2 - CE EN 12899-1

CE EN 12899-1

AUGUSTAFLEX® signposts and bollards are certified according to the CE EN 12899-1. They can be placed both on public and private roads.
Info point 3 - Calibrated optimal rigidity level

Calibrated optimal rigidity level

The bollards and posts flex only upon impact with a vehicle but remain vertical in the event of human contact so as to avoid vandalism. Rigidity level can be customised for special projects.
Info point 4 - Disc spring

Disc spring

The patented AUGUSTAFLEX® disc-spring system is made up of high-quality components, that guarantee excellent functionality of the system.

AUGUSTAFLEX® flexible signposts for road signs

the flexible post prevents damage to vertical signs and reduces maintenance costs

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Flexible upright for road signposts. Ideal for parking lots

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Flexible upright/posts. Ideal for roundabouts and traffic islands

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Flexible support for parking pannels. Ideal for shops, private parking lots

Compare flexible posts. Data sheet PDF

Ø, height



AUGUSTAFLEX flexible upright for post

Ø, height

Ø60,3/Ø76mm -  H max 4m


high rigidity, bending up to 40 °


concrete, ground plate; concrete - ground sleeve rapid closure

ROBINSON 90° flexible upright or post for road signs

Ø, height

Ø60,3mm -  H max 1.6m; Ø76mm - H max 3m


medium rigidity, bending up to 90°


concrete; plate for rubber traffic islands; ground plate; ground sleeve rapid closure

PPS. Flexible post for parking signs

Ø, height

Ø42 - H 28cm, su richiesta - H fino a 100cm


low rigidity; bending up to 90°


ground plate; concrete




PPS. Flexible post

Bollards AURELIA90°

Bollard foam SOFT

Upright intallation

Installation into damaged post

Flexible steel bollards AURELIA90°

Elegance of steel, impact resistance and quality. 5 year guarantee.


The Aurelia90 parking bollards not only embellish the city, but their optimum rigidity level makes them perfect for protecting walkways, guaranteeing the safety of pedestrians  and preventing incorrect parking and delimitating urban areas.


Aurelia90 flexible traffic bollards with the AUGUSTAFLEX® system are practically indestructible, they flex upon vehicle impact, without breaking. They resist even medium-speed impacts.
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High aesthetics

Steel and stainless steel Aurelia90 bollards ensure an optimum urban design, staying aesthetically pleasing after many years. Even after impacts, the traffic posts will not show dents or damage.


The Aurelia90° parking bollards with the AUGUSTAFLEX® system ensure a long service life over the years, maintaining their original shape and position. So there will be no need to replace them.

Quality & functionality

Aurelia90 steel and stainless-steel bollards, thanks to their high quality and functionality, add value to street furniture and public spaces. Galvanizing and powder coating of Aurelia90 bollards ensure the best quality corrosion resistance.
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All Aurelia90 flexible posts designs are available without the flexible system and can be combined with the fixed or fixed-removable bollards.


Their attractive design and customisation options make AUGUSTAFLEX® posts ideal for any architectural context.

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